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5th November 2020:

So here is where we got to prior to the cancellation of PiWars 2020 in March.

Main changes we will make for PiWars@home are:

1. Feed the Fish - lobbing nerf darts with our modified nerf gun might not work very well when the fishbowl is so close, 360mm. Its way too powerful and designed to smash zombies. We could turn it down, slow down the motor, but we're not sure how well it will work or how accurate it will be doing that. Need to do some experiments.

2. Tidy up the Toys - We will have to adapt our pincer to grab cubes (not round barrels). The camera is well positioned for doing this task autonomously. All it then needs is some software.... should be a doddle! ;-)

3. Up the Garden Path - Previously we got the line following software working well for the Lava Palava challenge, however this new challenge has some added complications, radiused 180° turns and several dead ends to lead us astray. A downward facing camera dead centre will help with the automation but that's going to get in the way of the main motor battery... we might need to rearrange a few things there.

4. DIY Obstacle course - This will just be pure fun! :-)

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